We enter investigations trying to find logical explanations for the occurrences.  If RCP determines that the activity at a location is of a paranormal nature, we then compile all of our evidence on a disk and present it to the client. During this process, if the client has any questions, we gladly answer them and assist the client with any and all inquiries they may have. Also, we inform the client as what route to take to start handling the situation they are in.



RCP is not qualified to perform exorcisms. If the case is of that nature, we can forward your case onto another professional paranormal group that is able to accommodate cases of this nature. RCP still maintains contact with the client throughout the process. At the clients request, we do perform sage smudging to cleanse the location of any entities that may be present. We cannot guarantee that the smudging will stop the activity.

We never charge for investigations, consultations, lectures, etc.  All investigations are free of charge for our clients. It is of the utmost importance that we, as paranormal investigators, understand the situation that our clients are in. Each and every case is confidential and none of your personal information will ever be made public.