My name is Joshua Murphy. I am 35 and married to my wonderful wife, Nicole. I have an Associate's degree in Computer Aided Imaging and Visualization. I currently work in the manufacturing industry. My hobbies include fishing, writing country songs, college football and learning all I can about the paranormal.


My wife and I created Rocket City Paranormal in 2010 in an effort to help those in need of our help. Before forming RCP, we were in another paranormal group for several years. Prior to that, we had multiple experiences that only helped to grow our interest and knowledge of the paranormal. Together, the members of our group have over 30+ years of experience in the paranormal field.




My name is Nicole.  I'm 33 years old.  I'm also the cofounder of Rocket City Paranormal, and married to Josh.  My background is in administrative office/accounting. Some of my hobbies include Alabama football, Atlanta Braves, classic literature, watching horror movies and crochet and knitting.
I've always known that I was sensitive to the other side.  Several of my family members also knew of my gifts when I was quite young.  I've been investigating the paranormal for over 10 years, and I learn something new on every investigation.  The search for knowledge of the paranormal, and helping our clients are my utmost goal. It would be our honor to help you find the answers you seek.

My name is Nathan. I am 33 years old and married to Cynthia. I am a process analyst for a telecommunications company. I also coach a girls travel softball team.  Some of my hobbies include Fantasy sports, Alabama football (Roll Tide), coaching kids, and researching the paranormal.


I gained a lot of interest in the paranormal during high school when I worked part time at a major cemetery. The personal experiences and the stories I heard sparked my interest. I met Josh and Nicole in 2010 and joined the Rocket City Paranormal. I have been able to be part of 50+ investigations. I learn something new from each case. The main reason I enjoy it so much is the excitement of being able to help others and finding answers.



My Name is Cynthia. I am 37 years old and married to Nathan. I am a financial specialist for a bank. Some of my hobbies include cooking, watching girls softball, spending time with my family / friends, and researching the paranormal.


My husband first joined Rocket City Paranormal and in 2011 I joined. I have had experiences at a young age. I have always been interested and wanted to know more in the paranormal. Since joining Rocket City Paranormal, I have gained a lot of knowledge and enjoy helping our clients.

My name is Christina. I am a Psychic Medium and spiritual coach.  From a very early age, I noticed I was different.  I could see, hear and feel things that others couldn't and growing up was difficult at times because I didn't understand it all.  I've always had a sense of knowing that would just come to me.  Since I was a child I have been able to see, hear and feel energy and spirits which was frightening for me growing up; but now at 37, I have a better understanding as to why I was given what I once thought was a curse, is actually a beautiful gift to assist and guide others across that bridge safely whether spirit, person or animal.  I work with the spirit world everyday as they too work with me, to assist on my journey to help others.  I am a new member of RCP and I am excited to be part of the team.