The investigation process is as follows:

RCP receives request for investigation from client detailing what is happening and why they contacted us. We then perform an initial client interview, sometimes in person and sometimes over the phone. If done in person, we would prefer this interview be done at the potential investigation site. If done at the investigation site, we will perform a walk-through of the location to make a note of the layout, any potential hazards and the "hot spots", where the activity have happened..

During this initial interview, we will be asking some personal questions. Please try your best to answer these as honestly as possible. If we feel or find that you are not being honest with us or you are hiding something, we may chose not to perform the investigation and will not pass your case on to someone else.

Please remember, we are here to help discover what is truly happening in your home or business, not to prove a haunting. We come into investigations with a scientific mindset. If we find that the occurrences have a logical explanation, that is what we will report. If we find, through our evidence, that it is truly of a paranormal nature, then that is what will be reported. Please do not have expectations.

Once the initial client interview is done, we then schedule an investigation date. We set our investigations on a first come first serve basis, unless the case is of an emergency nature. Usually these types of cases involve children, or more negative energies. In some rare cases, your investigation date may be rescheduled to allow us to be able to investigate the emergency case.

We then perform the investigation. Most of our investigations can last up to 12 hours. Some can last several days depending on the amount of activity at the location. The full investigation will include 3-6 team members, the set-up of all equipment, which includes Video and Audio recording devices. The use of Electromagnetic field (EMF) detectors, analog and digital still cameras, temperature gauges, infrared (IR) lights, etc.

After we complete the investigation, we review all of the data collected. All audio, video, equipment readings, experiences and eyewitness accounts will be reviewed with careful examination of each. This process will usually take about a week, depending on the amount of data collected. Also, we will search for possible causes of the reported paranormal activity.

After the team has reviewed the data, we set a reveal date. This is where we will meet with the client and discuss how we came to the conclusion we did. We will give the client a disk with all of our findings and answer any questions they may have. We may also instruct the client on how to go about coping with their situation.

We do not perform exorcisms. We do, however, perform house blessings upon request by client. Blessings are not a guarantee by RCP that the activity will diminish. You do so at your own risk.

After the reveal, we move onto the next case. However, we will maintain contact with each client from time to time to check in and see how the activity is. We want our clients to know that we are there for them, even after we have left. Then we will publish the findings on our website, with client approval, of course.  None of your personal information will ever be made public.